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Recital Materials and Refer a Friend

April 16, 2010
Recital Materials and Refer a Friend

RECITAL MATERIALS Over the last two months I have discussed ways that you can help your students prepare for recitals.  In addition to teaching and recital preparation for your students there is a lot that goes into arranging and hosting a successful recital.  There are venues to book, invitations to be sent, reminder notifications to...
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Preparing Your Students for Recitals (Part 3)

April 1, 2010

Recitals are a wonderful way for students to gain experience andproficiency in performing.  There are many elements to learn whenbeginning to participate in recitals.  Helping your students know whatto expect and providing them with many recital “practice” opportunitieswill create comfortable and confident performers.  Below is the last ina series of 3 articles on preparing...
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