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Do I have to buy a paid membership to use Piano Discoveries products?

No. Anyone can sign up for a free membership and download up to 5 documents per month. For unlimited downloads paid memberships are available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.

Do I need a license to use Piano Discoveries products?

Piano Discoveries resources are copyrighted and require a license for studio use. Each studio using Piano Discoveries resources must have a separate license registered in the name of, and with the contact information for, the specific studio teacher. All memberships (free and paid) receive a license.

Are Piano Discoveries products available for parents, home schooling, or private tutors?

Yes, indeed. Parents, home school families, and private tutors can sign up to access and download any of the worksheets and printables available at Piano Discoveries.

How do I access my Piano Discoveries products?

When you create a membership you will create a unique username and password. Once you log into the website, click on the worksheet you want to download; it will open as a PDF. From there you can print or save to your computer.

What are the software requirements for using Piano Discoveries products?

The Piano Discoveries website is compatible with most personal computers hooked up to a working printer and connected to the Internet.

  • A Windows or Mac computer
  • An Internet connection (broadband is best)
  • A current browser with Adobe Flash
How long does a paid membership last?

Memberships can be purchased as a one-month subscription or a yearly recurring subscription.