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Visual Aids
Students Learn Best When They Are Given the Chance to SEE, HEAR, and DO (Try) Each New Concept!

Visual aids are a great way to visually emphasize and reinforce lesson materials.

Using the Visual Aids
  1. Use visual aids as a teaching guide in individual lessons.
  2. Give students copies to keep in their piano binders, for reminders of what was taught during the lesson.
  3. Provide materials for each student to read at a group lesson.
  4. Create packets and handouts for teacher conferences, conventions and presentations.
Is Your Student Ready For a Concept?

If your student is not ready for all of the concepts in a visual aid or handout, you can still use the visual aid. Just introduce what he/she is ready to learn; save the other elements for later. If you have given your student a copy to keep in his/her notebook, as a handout, then the information will already be handy when he/she is ready for the next concept.

Additional Aids

Check out our Piano Discoveries Worksheets! Explore additional ideas for teaching concepts in a fun and exciting way with Games.

Level-Based Visual Aids

Check out these and other documents at the Piano Discoveries Worksheets section. Use them in your studio today!

Elementary Intermediate Advanced
Accidentals Interval Types and Qualities Advanced material will be added at a later time.
Please check back for these items.
Thank you.
Beginner Intervals Minor Scale Variations
Crescendo and Decrescendo Musical Eras
Elementary Intervals (2nd-5th) Scales
Elementary Intervals (2nd-8th) Scale/Chord Degrees
Half and Whole Steps Scale Fingerings
Note Values (Early Elementary) Sonatina/Sonata Form
Note Values (Late Elementary) Tempo Markings (Fast)
Octave Notation Tempo Markings (Slow)
Rests Triads
Staccato vs. Legato  
Tie vs. Slur  
Staves and Measures  
Tempo Markings (Fast)  
Tempo Markings (Slow)  
Time Signature