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May 3, 2010

We are very excited to announce that a new feature has been added to our membership services. As members you can now customize the various documents and then save your changes online. With the addition of the customization feature you will no longer need to fill in the same information each time you access a document for your studio. Instead, customizations, such as studio name, tuition fee, and phone numbers will automatically load when you open your customized documents.

This new feature came about as a result of a customer request. We are grateful for the positive feedback we received on this issue and that we have been able to further the benefit of our services as a result. We hope that our members will really benefit from, and save a lot of time with, this new document customization feature.

To use the customization feature first log into your account. From there you can open any of the available document templates, fill in the fields with text, and then press the “save customizations” button (located within each document). That’s it! When you open the document again your saved customizations will appear in the text fields.  Additional changes to the documents can be made at any time.

We hope that you find this feature valuable and useful.


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