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October 26, 2010

Have you heard the crickets chirping? It’s been pretty quiet at our blog lately.   That’s because we have been hard at work, making improvements and additions to our website and services, for you.   So, what’s new?

Our biggest and most exciting new feature is the addition of a brand-new online store.  As a result of this addition to our website we are now able to make our documents and materials available to you for individual purchase!

Previously the only way to utilize the resources at Piano Discoveries was by purchasing a membership, which gives access to all the documents for six months or a year depending on the membership term.  Our customers asked us for other options, and we listened.  Memberships are still available for purchase at Piano Discoveries, and existing members will continue to be able to access all of the resources and documents offered at our website, but now customers can purchase individual documents to suit their specific needs if desired.   So if you are primarily interested in awards and incentives for your students you can now select and purchase only the specific awards that you want for use in your studio.  Or, if you are looking for business materials to organize your studio then you can choose from the various studio documents we offer.

We are so excited about this new feature.  We hope that you’ll be excited about it too!

You can check out our new store at http://www.pianodiscoveries.com/store or by clicking on the “online store” tab located at the top of each webpage.

Another improvement to our website is this blog — we have updated our look!   The layout of this blog will allow readers to view and access multiple articles from the main blog page.  Additionally, the category tabs across the top of the page, and along the right sides, will help you to find the articles you’re looking for faster and easier.

Also, we have simplified the log-in process for our members.  No more sales pitch.  No more hunting around to find the log-in box.  Members can now simply click on the “Member Login” link at the top of each webpage (in the blue header), and then type in their username and password.  No muss, no fuss.  🙂

We hope that you will really enjoy our latest updates and features.  After all, we made them with you in mind!

We want to hear from you.  If you have comments, questions, suggestions or requests for other changes you’d like to see, please mail them to feedback@pianodiscoveries.com.


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