Happy New Year!

The New Year brings new opportunities, new experiences and new hopes and dreams.  Many people create new goals for themselves.  In music, having goals is a great way to stay focused in creating a desired outcome.  Sometimes a goal that is supposed to encompass an entire year can be too big, too grand, and too overwhelming.  However, having a generalized goal can also be helpful.  So, how can students create goals that are realistic for them?

One example of how this can work is for a student to choose a year-long goal, such as moving from level 3 into level 4.  And then smaller goals can be identified which will help the student achieve the larger goal, for example the student may work on increasing ease and relaxation while playing double-octave scales, or improving chord recognition, etc.

Whatever the goals are for your students this year, Piano Discoveries hopes that joy will abound in making music.  And that enjoyable progress if made this year in your piano studio!

So…how do you assist your piano students in setting and maintaining appropriate, practical goals for the year, as well as smaller goals along the way?

Provide students with a fun and exciting way to practice elementary theory terms.  This crossword puzzle includes 10 early elementary music terms and definitions — tie, whole note, repeat sign, quarter note, half note, bar line, slur, double bar line, measure and staff.