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Student Awards and Incentives

Awards and Incentives Are Important Ways to Keep Students Motivated!

Help students do well and practice thoughtfully every week with fun incentives.

Appropriate Motivation is the Key to Productive, Happy Students.

Do you have students who love lessons but lack motivation to practice? Have you lost students because they think piano is just “too hard?” Motivating your student to practice well at home can be as simple as providing rewards and incentives.

As Students Grow Up, So Do the Rewards They Receive.

When students are young their goals are small, and positive feedback or simple rewards are needed frequently. However, as students grow up their goals become bigger and they are better able to wait for gratification. Adjust rewards to fit your students’ needs and abilities.

Money Spent is Tax-deductible.

Money spent on rewards and incentives are business expenses which can be used as a tax write-off at the end of the year!

Add a Personal Touch to your Studio With Student Photographs.

Take individual or group pictures of your students each year and hang them in your studio. Students will love the recognition.

Create a Personal "Mailbox" for Each Student.

Use stacking baskets/shelves as a place for students and parents to pick up notices, reminders, studio documents, seasonal cards (such as Christmas or birthdays) and more!

Rewards and Recognitions

Help your students feel special. Use these ideas in your studio today!

Motivating a Student Can be as Simple as Providing a REWARD For Their Achievements.

  1. Concert or Movie Tickets
  2. Cash
  3. Sheet Music (for free)
  4. CD of piano music
  5. Food/Treats
  6. Club Membership (such as the “Ten Club”)
  7. Lunch/Brunch with the teacher
  8. Party at teacher’s house
  9. Certificates


BIRTHDAYS. Do You Remember Your Students' Birthdays?

Students feel special when you remember and recognize their birthdays. A visible studio calendar can be used to show all the studio events, including each student’s birthday.

Let students decorate their date on the calendar with stickers, pens, glitter, etc.

Providing cards and/or simple gifts (or treats) on a student’s birthday adds a special touch and helps a student feel valued.

SNACKS. If Students Are Hungry, Help Them Re-Focus With "Brain" Food.

Students who come to lessons directly from school are often hungry. Providing healthy snacks will help them focus on lessons instead of their stomachs. Easy choices include whole or individual-sized packaged foods, such as:

    1. apples or other fruit
    2. cheese sticks
    3. crackers
    4. baby carrots
    5. granola bars
    6. and so forth…

RECOGNIZING Student Accomplishments Helps Build Self-Confidence, is Fun, and Shows That You Care.

  1. Have a “Bravo Board” in your studio. When a student does well in lessons or weekly practice, recognize them with a “Bravo Note” and post it on your board. Also, if a student gets a good grade or did a great job in a dance recital include those things too!
    1. Place the board where students can reach it to add their own “bravos” !
  2. Have a section in your recital programs for recognizing student accomplishments.

PARTIES Are a Great Way to Create Motivation for Students to Meet Their Goals.

Parties can be organized by season or by theme. Below are some great options for parties.

    1. Summer Pool Party/BBQ
    2. Casual Recital and Pizza Party. Students get to wear shorts, jeans or other casual clothing for the recital.
    3. Students-Only Party. This is a party just for the students; no parents allowed.
    4. Christmas Cookie Bake and Recital. Everyone brings a favorite cookie & performs carols learned in lessons.
    5. Musical Games Party. Provide snacks and prizes for the winners of the fun musical games.
    6. Achievement Party. Students who have accomplished a certain goal are given a special recognition party.
    7. Spring Musical (Easter) Egg Hunt. Eggs can be filled with musical clues, quotes or other fun items. Egg contents can be part of a game, or as a treasure hunt which leads them to a stash of Easter goodies.

Be creative and come up with other fun party ideas for your studio!

Additional Student Rewards

Check out our Piano Discoveries Shop for more student rewards!

SEASONAL EVENTS Are Exciting and Provide Additional Motivation.

Any event can be made into a seasonal activity to create added fun and excitement.
For example:

  1. Sight Reading Competition
  2. Composition Creation Month
  3. Memorization Marathon
  4. Theory Triathalon (such as flashcard drills, ear training, and dictation)
  5. Ensemble/Duet Dynamo (follow with an all Ensemble recital!)

Provide students with a fun and exciting way to practice elementary theory terms.  This crossword puzzle includes 10 early elementary music terms and definitions — tie, whole note, repeat sign, quarter note, half note, bar line, slur, double bar line, measure and staff.