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Happy Holidays from Piano Discoveries!

I really enjoy all of the seasons  and the various holidays that come throughout the year.  But I have to say that Thanksgiving and Christmas are my all-time favorites.  With Christmas I love the music, decorations, food, surprises, a change from regular routines and the opportunity to spend “down time” with family and friends.

When I was a child Christmas was a magical, glorious time.  I loved the lights and all of the fun activities and surprises that were traditions in our home.  As an adult I’m far more practical about the events surrounding Christmas, but I still absolutely love the holiday.   Every year the Christmas season is a little bit different for me and I find that I focus more, or less, on particular aspects of the season.

One of the very best ways I get into the holiday spirit is through listening to, and playing, the myriads of arrangements of traditional and contemporary Christmas carols.  This year I have turned my attention even more to the joy of music — and not just of Christmas carols, but also of the great composers.  I have a renewed sense of appreciation and wonderment for those who toiled over their craft to leave a legacy of sounds and emotions for each of us to enjoy.

In honor of these great men (and women), and in celebration of this wonderful holiday season, I have created a musical tribute to the notable musicians who were born in December.  Please enjoy my 2010 holiday video and share it with your friends, students, teachers, and family members!

I am wishing for you a holiday season full of joy and happiness.  And may it be filled with the sweet sounds of beautiful music.

Merry Christmas,



Owner, Piano Discoveries

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