Product Highlight — Star Student Award

Awards and Incentives Are Important Ways to Keep Students Motivated!

Motivating a student can be as simple as providing a reward for their achievements.  And sometimes those achievements can be as simple as having a positive attitude in class, or arriving to lessons on time.  Recognizing student accomplishments helps to build self-confidence.  And providing students with positive feedback and rewards is fun for students and shows them that their teacher cares!

The Star Student Award

The Star Student Award is a customizable PDF document to fit any outstanding achievement or accomplishment that a student has made.  You can customize this PDF to fit any reward you wish to give to your student, such as:

being on time to lessons

regularly completing their assignments

accomplishing a goal

playing with great expression

passing off a level

And so many more ideas!

The Star Student Award is a 1 page Downloadable PDF.  For $2.45 you can purchase this award once, save it to your computer, and use it forever!


Students excel when positive reinforcement is applied. Recognize student achievements and build student confidence with the use of rewards.  Visit our shop for this and other great reward items!

There are many ways to reward a student.  For more reward and incentive ideas to use in your studio, check out our Teacher Student Award page.

Provide students with a fun and exciting way to practice elementary theory terms.  This crossword puzzle includes 10 early elementary music terms and definitions — tie, whole note, repeat sign, quarter note, half note, bar line, slur, double bar line, measure and staff.