What games can I play with students to help them learn faster?

Games Are a Fun Way to Teach and Learn Music Concepts!

Music games to use in piano lessons or at home can be made out of just about anything.  But did you know that Piano Discoveries has FREE game ideas on the website?  It’s true.  Check out these links for some fun, easy and totally free game ideas to use in your studio:

Game ideas for Teachers: https://www.pianodiscoveries.com/teachers/game-ideas-for-teachers/

Game ideas for Parents & Students: https://www.pianodiscoveries.com/parents-students/game-ideas-for-parents-and-students/

Just click on the links above to be taken directly to the game pages.

Happy game-playing!

Provide students with a fun and exciting way to practice elementary theory terms.  This crossword puzzle includes 10 early elementary music terms and definitions — tie, whole note, repeat sign, quarter note, half note, bar line, slur, double bar line, measure and staff.