Product Highlight — Piano Enrollment for Youth Students

New students (to you) are always a welcome gift.  But how do you gather all of the information that you need to keep things organized with each new student?  Well, Piano Discoveries has a Piano Study Enrollment Form for Youth Students, which is designed to help teachers gather information about new students.  including:

  1. Student birthdays — so you can wish them a happy birthday each year, or send a card in the mail, or give them a gift, etc.
  2. Parent contact information — so you can contact and discuss things with parents when needed
  3. Student school schedules — to help determine an appropriate lesson time.
  4. Student hobbies — so you can get to know your prospective student better, and to know what kinds of activities and assignments and metaphors you can use during lessons that the student will enjoy.
  5. Previous music study– so you can ascertain their prior experience.
  6. Musical interests — goals, desires, etc of the student.
  7. And so forth…. 1 page Downloadable PDF.


An informed teacher is a successful teacher.  If you don’t already have a new student form in your studio, consider using ours!  Create more time in your schedule by outsourcing studio documents to Piano Discoveries.

Buy it once, use it forever!

Provide students with a fun and exciting way to practice elementary theory terms.  This crossword puzzle includes 10 early elementary music terms and definitions — tie, whole note, repeat sign, quarter note, half note, bar line, slur, double bar line, measure and staff.